After the photo shoots are done. The images are printed. The galleries uploaded. The images turned into the yearbook. I find myself getting the same question over and over from clients, “Who and/or where would you recommend for senior graduation invites?” Especially as spring is upon us, and graduation days near, I know many of you are looking for companies to make this happen. Especially a company that you aren’t forced to buy from… say, like one that your high school is pushing you to order from. But you want something cool, and different, and YOU! Because after all, this is about YOUR accomplishment, and telling the world through YOUR high school graduation announcement.

High School Graduation Announcements Basic Invites

Well, I have something fun to share with you all, that will hopefully fix that need! One company I recently was approached by, and had not heard of, is Basic Invite. After researching their brand, what I love about them is they’re fairly versatile! They basically (pun intended), have an unlimited color selection and offer online previews. Because let’s face it, we’ve got to get those school colors exactly right! One of the biggest selling points being they are one of the few companies who actually print previews for you! As a photographer and STICKLER for prints being perfect, especially when you’re paying possibly hundreds of dollars, this offer means the world. You get to see and hold the stationery before you say yes to however many you need to send out.

High School Graduation Announcements Basic Invites

Once you have the announcements, invites and thank you’s taken care of, you then get to play around with the envelopes, which Basic Invite also has you covered for. With over forty different color options, you can mix and match your stationery in the most basic or stylized way you wish. And the real seller… parent’s prepare for this one, because easy is coming your fast… They offer a free address collection service. That includes the printing of the addresses on the envelopes! Are you sold yet? Because let me tell you, I remember addressing my graduation announcements, and that was time I was not excited about spending.

High School Graduation Announcements Basic Invites

So if you are a senior or the parent of a senior starting to think about that graduation day, and everything you need to do to prepare, maybe start here. You can also check them out on social media with Facebook, Instagram, Twitter & Pinterest.


High School Graduation Announcements Basic Invite




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